2020 Hero at Heart Award


Social media and our news sources are so full of negative vibes that we’ve decided to do something about it! We asked our tribe to nominate someone who makes the world a better place thru their thoughtfulness, good deeds, or volunteerism.

Pfanny’s Farm’s 2020 Hero at Heart award winner is Alfreda Moser! 

Here is what one of the nominations told us about her:
“Alfreda is cook at Randolph Senior Center. She works Monday thru Friday preparing meals for community members. Members are able to come and eat at the Center, order carry out meals and/or freezer meals are also available. She makes the menu out for each week making sure everyone gets a balanced nutritious meal. She goes into work usually by 5:00 every morning to make fresh dinner rolls, cinnamon rolls, pie crust and bread. Food is prepared fresh everyday from scratch. She also goes in on Sundays to take meat out of freezer for Monday’s meal. She volunteers with fundraising events held by the Senior Citizen Center. Alfreda makes sure the morning coffee group has rolls and coffee each morning. Alfreda loves her job, loves helping the community.”

We thank you, Alfreda, for all you do, and for being an example for us all. May we all learn from you and help make our world a better place as well! 

Today, Farmer Pfanny presented a $25 Loyalty Card to Mrs. Moser. It can be used at our Thursday Night Market this summer. She will also be included in our Loyalty Membership Benefits program, AND be invited to attend a farm grill-out! 

If you see Alfreda this week, give her a pat on the back for being such a shining light!

8 thoughts on “2020 Hero at Heart Award”

  1. Alfredo is so deserving and is definitely a hero in my eyes. God has Blessed her with her big heart and this community is very blessed to have her.

  2. The World needs MORE ‘GIVERS’ like Alfredo…HUGS & Kisses from Papa C in Texas… a Fan of one of Your Most Wonderful Gifts….Jennifer Rounds!

  3. Alfredo, definitely deserves this award. She is a wonderful cook, and we are blessed to have her cook for our seniors. She is a very kind lady.

  4. Very well deserved! She doesn’t realize how much she affects so many people in such a positive way. So wonderful to have her services. Thanks Alfreda!


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