Emily’s Coffee Beans

Years ago I quit drinking coffee. It made me too jittery-even the decaffeinated varieties. I would make it on holidays and when the grandparents would visit, and I would sooo enjoy the aroma-but that’s it. I know very little about coffee and until this year, have never drank coffee made from freshly roasted beans.  Enter Emily-our local coffee connoisseur. She attended several of our Thursday Markets and I’ve learned a lot from her. And guess what!?! I can drink Emily’s coffee without suffering from the jitters! I’m not sure why, perhaps it’s something in the roasting methods of the store-bought varieties? I don’t even care!

I especially enjoy the beans from Ethiopia. I’ve re-entered the world of coffee drinkers thanks to Emily. Here’s a little write-up she did for me when we were talking about having her become a vendor. Please support this young entrepreneur as she has purchased her own roaster!Oh, and I would be terribly remiss if I didn’t mention that she makes the most amazing delectable scones and pastries to go with that coffee!

To place an order, you can contact Emily Svitak on Messenger, or phone/text her @ 402.360.1964 or find her at our Thursday Night Market!

From Emily…

Why do I love Coffee?
Because coffee is not just coffee. Behind and in every cup there are relationships, moments… people. From start to finish, coffee is a conduit. A conduit of relationship from the farmer to the wholesaler, to the roaster, to the one who makes and drinks it. A conduit of moments of friendships, family, businesses, marriages, or even quick stolen moments of silence. Coffee is more than just coffee…

What does ‘Single Origin’ mean?
Single Origin coffee is coffee that is grown within a single known geographic origin, meaning a single farm. Much like a single malt scotch, single vineyard wine, or single estate tea are grown on one farm, so too is single origin coffee.

Why single origin coffee?
I believe that there is a beauty in keeping something in its purest form. There is a certain kind of integrity of the bean that is kept when it is starts and ends coming from one place. Just as a scotch, wine, tea, or even a culture shows beauty in its original form, so too does coffee. Is blending coffee bad?… Not necessarily. But with single origin coffee, nothing can be covered up. Where coffee blends can at times be used to mask a lower quality bean, good single origin coffees shine with quality. Single origin coffee does tend to be more expensive than what you find on the shelf at the store, but the freshness and quality of the bean just can’t be beat!

What’s different about this coffee?
Other than the fact that it is single origin, my goal is to always get the freshest coffee possible to my customers. This means I try to only roast it as I have orders. Once I tasted freshly roasted coffee, I knew I would never go back and I wanted others to be able try it too! The chemical processes of a roasted coffee bean change the taste of it as time goes on. This means, the faster it gets from my roaster to your cup, the better. I roast in small batches, making it easier to fill customer orders as needed and sell the freshest product possible.