Have you chosen your ONE WORD for 2022?


I have whiteboards, chalkboards, post-it notes, calendars, highlighters, phone apps, and lists, lists, and more lists! That seems to be the only way I can keep any semblance of order in my life haha! Several years ago, though, one of our CSA Garden Shareholders posted a challenge on her personal page…that year, instead of a lengthy New Year’s Resolution, she encouraged us to choose just ONE WORD that we wanted to focus on for the upcoming year. And you all know how much I love words 🙂

I’ll tell you, it is tough choosing only ONE WORD instead of a complete color-coded list including check marks, and italics, and bolded lines when it came to a Resolution!

In 2018 I chose “GRATITUDE”. I wrote down 3 gratitudes almost every day. It’s one of those “glass half empty or glass half full” kinda things. Training yourself to see the good in life is life changing! As of today, I have recorded three specific gratitudes every day for 351 days straight!

In 2019 I chose “HYGGE” (pronounced hoo-gah). It means “a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being” (taken from an online dictionary). I can’t say I felt even 65% successful, but we had quite a year lol! I did have some campers comment on the serenity and calm they felt while visiting the farm, so I’m counting that as a win 🙂

My 2020 word was “TEMPER”. Temper as in “act as a neutralizing or counterbalancing force to something”. Temper as in: I will temper my ambitions to do EVERYTHING, instead, I would focus on things that are good for me and my family. Holy cow! Little did I Know that 2020 would bring two “opportunities” to live out this word…first a cancer diagnosis, then a worldwide pandemic. “Temper” has served me well.

For 2021 I chose the word “PIVOT”. Pivot: to utilize the ability to change directions as circumstances evolve…with one foot grounded and my intentions focused on life’s priorities. I chose it because it sounded better than “roll with the punches” haha! I’ve done plenty of pivoting this past year. I began the year with lots of Covid tests. We contracted the virus in late November of 2020, in fact we were minutes away from the hospital in Omaha when they called and told me to go home. My stem cell transplant was postponed FOUR times, because even though I was feeling ok and I was no longer considered contagious, my body just couldn’t shake the virus. The transplant was completed on February 23rd. I spent 3 weeks in Omaha, then came home with lots of things on the “don’t even think about doing it” list. These included gardening, mowing, going out in public…ugh! Pivot was a great word because that’s what I did! Some days I pivoted so many times that it made me dizzy lol! Don’t get me wrong, 2021 was a good year, it just taught me that I’m not in charge 😉  We’ve been blessed many times over!

My word for 2022 will be “SUHKA” a sanskrit word meaning “good space”. This word has so many uses for me. I hope it will remind me to slow down and pause before speaking a mile a minute. I hope it reminds me to stop and enjoy the laughter of my grandkids and fellowship with our farm visitors. I hope it cues me to really listen when I ask “how are you doing”.  I am in a “good space” right now so I’m considering 2022 the beginning of my second chance at life, and I intend to use it wisely!  ❤️

This year, I’d like to extend the same challenge to you. Can you narrow your New Year’s Resolution to just one word? If you don’t do resolutions (probably because you haven’t had a history of success) perhaps it would help to look at it as a focus word instead of a resolution. Won’t you join me? I hope you feel comfortable enough to add your word along with perhaps a little explanation in the comments below.

You can check out this website for more inspiration: http:/myoneword.org/


3 thoughts on “Have you chosen your ONE WORD for 2022?”

  1. Oh, I really like this…. I guess last year I did this sorta. My word was BALANCE. I had a lot on my plate…. love what I do but I truly needed some home life and work life balance. I made some major changes at my work and hopefully will enjoy some returns on it in 2021. Need to think about my new word.

  2. Last year there were incredible changes—good changes!
    My 2020 word was Mindfulness. “This is pretty much the key to everything. Be mindful of your decisions and actions. Don’t get crazy with impulsive or spur-of-the moment decisions. A little spontaneity is good. It’s fun. Rushing into important decisions, not so much.”

    After much thought, I have chosen my 2021 word…..Unhindered.
    “Unhindered – not constrained by my own beliefs and habits – anything that keeps me small. Unhindered by opinions, comparisons or expectations of others. The unhindered ability to create the best life for myself.”


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