Loyalty Memberships

UPDATE: No 2020 memberships available

2020 Memberships available now!

Here’s what it looks like to be a Loyalty Member at Pfanny’s Farm
1. You purchase a Loyalty Membership for yourself or as a gift
2. You receive a card that includes a numerical code that you can use like a pre-paid debit card.

Here are a few things you should know about our Loyalty Membership program:

Just the facts…Loyalty Card Memberships
 Initial purchase available for $100 then in $50 increments
 Void after November 7, 2020
 Great gift idea!
 Use your card at our Thursday night Market
 Use your card to reserve your place at a workshop
 Use your card to purchase an advertised “Sampler”
 Purchase enrolls you in our FreshSheets email system where you can pre-order to reserve produce
 Purchase enrolls you in our private Pfanny’s Farm Insider’s Group on Facebook

Reasons to become a Loyalty Card Member
 Support your local farmer
 Know the farmer who grows your food
 Feel better about what you feed your family
 Commit to eating more REAL food
 Purchase a $250 card and we’ll load it with $260
 Participate in a supportive “foodie” community

What are Pfanny’s FreshSheets?
By definition, a fresh sheet is a list of what you are selling currently on the farm, and for what price. 
Pfanny’s FreshSheets is a listing of what is available at our farm AFTER our CSA shareholders get their portion. FreshSheets will be emailed to Loyalty Members at the beginning of the week during the harvest season, and on a monthly basis during the rest of the year. You use this information to place an order with us to be picked up at our Market on Thursday evenings (or by appointment for amounts over $10). This way you are sure to get freshly harvested produce, and we eliminate waste of labor and resources by not harvesting more than needed.

Interested in purchasing a Loyalty Membership?
Contact us for more information!

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