Mid-Season Vendor Application 2022

Pfanny’s Farm Thursday Night Market Mid-Season Vendor Application 2022

Please fill out this form completely and accurately. Return with appropriate fee ($15 per evening) to
Pfanny’s Farm, 86765 Hwy 81, Randolph, NE 68771.

Vendor Name: _________________________________________

Business Name: _________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________

City State Zip: __________________________________________

Phone: ________________________________________________

Email: _________________________________________________

Web address: ___________________________________________

In an effort to honor each of our vendors, we reserve the right to decline certain item sales which may duplicate others. What types of products to you intend to sell?



Liability Insurance Waiver-(Attach Liability Insurance Certificate or Waiver of Additional Insurance)
The vendor and his/her designee waives his/her right to supply additional insurance while participating at The Thursday Night Market. The undersigned assumes full financial responsibility if sued by a market attendee.

Vendor signature: _______________________Date: _________________________


Indemnify/Hold Harmless

The vendor and his/her designee further certifies that he/she agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Pfanny’s Farm, Inc. and Gene & Julie Pfanstiel from all damages, liabilities, costs and expenditures, including all legal fees, which may occur for reason of use of the designated site for The Thursday Night Market.

Vendor Signature: __________________________  Date Signed: ___________________

Pfanny’s Farm signature : _____________________  Date Signed: ___________________

Date received: _________________________________________


The vendor and his/her designee acknowledges receipt of the Code of Conduct and rules and regulations of The Thursday Night Market (see attached), and agrees to comply with them. Non-compliance will result in the revocation of the privilege to participate in the Market. 

Signature: __________________________________________


Code of Conduct and Rules & Regulations

We love the social aspect of our Thursday Night Market and welcome you to participate in all the fun! We hope to help small-scale agricultural and home-based businesses sell directly to the consumer. Our goal is to develop opportunities for small business and create a space for learning and social gathering.

Location and Dates
The Market is held every Thursday evening from 6:30-8:30 p.m., RAIN or SHINE, June through August (and maybe into September). Vendors must be set up and ready to sell before 6:30.

Decisions will be made in case of severe inclement weather, which significantly impairs the operation of the Market and safety of our customers and vendors.

No sales can be made to customers prior to the start of market, but you are welcome to take pre-orders to be picked up during the regular Market hours.

No Vendor may leave the market before the close of market.

Each stall is approximately 10+ feet. Daily vendors will choose available space on a first-come, first serve basis. Vendors cannot share a stall with, or sublet their stall to any other vendors at any time. Bring your own table.

Please include a business name sign at your table.

Let me know if you’d like to bring a tent so we can be sure to have an adequate place for you.
Vehicles and trailers must be parked in the designated area. Vendors are responsible for securing their own products in case of storms and gusty winds. Tents must be weighted.

Only produce you’ve raised and harvested yourself is allowed. It is important to us to have a direct connection between the producer and the consumer.

Homemade items must be made by you as well.

A limited number of 3rd party vendor tables are available. (E.g. Scentsy, Tupperware, Color Street Nails, etc.)

Prices must be clearly displayed.

All government regulations need to be honored. (Inspectors could be on site.)
You are welcome to use our certified scale if you plan to sell by weight.

Sales taxes will be the sole responsibility of each vendor.

All vendors are required to share our advertising post on your social media each week that you are attending market.
No political signs, t-shirts, hats, masks, etc.
At this time, masks will not be required, but are welcome if it makes you feel more comfortable.

Questions?  Call Julie @ 402.360.4064