Svitak’s Homespun Delights

We’re excited to have the Svitak family join us for our Thursday Night Market this summer!
I asked them to provide a little write-up to introduce themselves to you 🙂

Lonnie and Margaret Svitak, Emily Svitak

Margaret told Lonnie many years ago ‘We better have some hobbies so that when we retire we aren’t sitting here just staring at the t.v. … or each other!’ While they haven’t retired yet (Lonnie says they’re just tired) the interests abound. Work finds them both in healthcare – Lonnie in Materials Management and Margaret as a RN.

Lonnie has created teacup nightlights and game boards (and who knows what else might show up) for the vendor table. Lonnie was also the popcorn grower last year – some will probably show up at the table.

Margaret’s interests are many. Her contributions to the vendor table will be Wrap-able Rice Bags for warm/cold use, Aprons, Baprons (think baby bib and apron combined), Baked items (Blueberry Sweet Rolls, Healthy Multi-Grain Seed Bread, Decorated Sugar Cookies, Pumpkin/Squash Bread, Banana Bread, ‘As close as I can get it’ Gluten Free Banana Bread and more!). Herbalism, Fermented Foods and Essential Oil use is near to her heart as well. DoTerra Essential Oils will be available and other possibilities that may find their way to the table at times – Fresh and Dried Herbs, Herbal Tinctures, Homemade Lotion.

Emily is no stranger to the Open Market. Emily’s Home Roasted Single Origin Coffee Beans will be available sporadically this year. Emily has moved to Washington State but returns periodically come ‘home’ to roast fresh coffee beans and get us supplied back up for a few months. Look for the Open Market posting when coffee beans will be available.

We hope you stop by this season and visit with the Svitaks-they are great people 🙂