About us

A love for gardening and providing healthy home-grown fruits and vegetables for our children has supplied us with an abundance of produce for over 30 years. We have canned, dehydrated and frozen the excess but the kids have flown the coop and we have expanded our operations in order to provide you with that same grown-with-love nourishment!

Meet your farmers…Gene is the brawn, the inventor, and the repairman!
He is pictured here in all his romantic glory-this is the bouquet he presented his wifey-flags to mark the new asparagus bed! Julie is a former “library lady”, she is the gatherer of ideas, the dreamer, the list maker, and the adventurer (she also pulls a lot of weeds)! In this photo, she is clothed in her tomato and raspberry-picking (mosquito avoiding) gear.
Together we make a pretty good team 🙂

Every season we re-evaluate our gardening methods and business practices in order to offer our customers the best experience with local, fresh, and sustainably grown REAL food.

2020 will mark our 9th year of operation.  We are looking forward to offering some new events/activities!

Here are a few of our 2020 plans:

We are offering the option to sign up for from 4-31 share pickups in our CSA.
We will continue our Loyalty Memberships.

Mrs. Pfanny’s Kitchen will be available to our Shareholders on Monday evenings during the CSA season! We hope to see it being used for food prep, batch cooking, and food preservation. We’ll also have some fun kitchen gadgets to try.

We will continue the FreshSheets email program. During the gardening season these emails will go out to our CSA and Loyalty Members. It will include farm updates, workshop and event information, and a list of produce available for pre-order.

Pfanny’s Market will be open most Thursdays during the growing season. We are looking into including more vendors in 2020!

Farm tours and workshops will continue, as will our Little Sprouts programming.

We are certainly open to any suggestions and requests that you may have-please feel free to ask questions! We plan to continue our regenerative, naturally grown farming practices.

Thank you for joining us on this adventure and for trusting us to be your gardeners! Purchasing fresh, nutritious, REAL food is a wonderfully thoughtful gift to give your families and we are honored to help you make that happen!