Giving back…our respite program

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    Perhaps it happened to someone you care about. 

Mrs. Pfanny’s Garden Cottage is a perfect respite for those weary
with stress and uncertainty!

After my life-changing diagnosis, it would have been so nice to have had some place to escape, where I could clear my head and absorb that news, to think things through, or to not think at all! A place to meditate or to journal; a safe, quiet realm to re-evaluate my priorities.

We want to share the serenity of our farm for this purpose.

We are pleased to announce that we have received several donations for our respite program.
These donations allow someone with a   cancer diagnosis to stay one night in Mrs. Pfanny’s Garden Cottage.

Please contact us if you know someone
who might benefit from this program.

If you’d like to donate towards someone’s stay,
feel free to use this Venmo link.