2021 Hero at Heart Award

Social media and our news sources are so full of negative vibes that we’ve decided to do something about it! We asked our tribe to nominate someone who makes the world a better place thru their thoughtfulness, good deeds, or volunteerism.

Pfanny’s Farm’s 2021 Hero at Heart award winner is Larissa Buescher! 

Here is what her sister told us in her nomination entry:
“Larissa is an incredible person. First and foremost, Anyone who knew our mother would probably say that she was dedicated to making people feel special, noticed, and appreciated. It didn’t matter how many plates she had spinning, she always managed to pick someone to do something special for. Larissa was 3 when our mother passed so her recollection of our mother being this way is nonexistent. Throughout Covid, Larissa was pregnant with her 3rd child, working full time, and taking time for others while her husband was away trucking. Her mother-in-law is a full time RN at a long term care facility and due to Covid, was/is essentially living in quarantine to keep her patients and family safe. Larissa regularly delivered meals or goodies to her without ever being asked to do so. She did this because she wanted to remove a small amount of burden from her day. My family was in quarantine/isolation for 28 total days due to Covid. Knowing how stressful the situation was, Larissa made us home cooked dinners to slide into our oven. She brought treats for my kids. She called every single day to check in. She listened to my frustration and anxiety and gave words of encouragement when I needed them most. For Christmas she delivered dozens upon dozens of homemade goodies to friends, family, and acquaintances.

There are so many more instances of her going out of her way without expecting anything in return that I just wouldn’t have time to list them all properly. Did I mention she just had a baby a few months ago? That she works full time? That she has 3 kids under the age of 5? My biggest reason for nominating her is that I believe she doesn’t really know how incredible she is. She inspires me to be a better person. She is a wonderful role model to my children, and she brings the gift of happiness to a world where simple joy can be hard to find. She reminds me so much of our mother. She finds joy in bringing smiles to others and often forgets to think of herself.”

We knew Larissa’s mom, and it’s true…she made people feel special, noticed, and appreciated!
We thank you, Larissa, for all you do, and for being an example for us all.
May we all learn from you and help make our world a better place as well! 

If you see Larissa this week, give her a pat on the back for being such a shining light!



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  1. One thing that isn’t mentioned here is that she does something that is hard to do with all the other things she does. She takes care of herself. Larissa, you are a remarkable woman and we love you dearly.


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