Taking chances…homemade chili seasoning!

A while back we were inundated with lots and lots and LOTS of hot peppers. What is a person to do with all those peppers!?! I dehydrated them in our Nesco Snackmaster Pro-WITH the seeds, because, you know, why waste the heat. Trust me, the heat is in the seeds, and when you include the seeds, a little goes a long way! Needless to say, my first chili experiment led to complaints of fire and burning, and general discomfort!
(My family loves it when I practice on them haha!)


Today I got out the NutriBullet Pro and my hot peppers, dehydrated garlic, onions, and thyme, as well as a few other spices that I have no idea how to grow. A couple of trips around in the ol’ NutriBullet and the homemade chili seasoning was ready to do its magic! (Hint: don’t inhale this stuff!) There are so many uses for this little machine, and with a 900 watt motor, it is pretty powerful! I use it almost every day for smoothies using milk kefir and fruit I’ve put in the freezer in times of plenty.  I especially like using it to make pureed food for the toothless grandbabies 🙂

The recipe that I “sort of ” followed did not call for any salt so I ground some Celtic Sea Salt with my new fancy-schmancy granite mortar and pestle and added it to the soup as well.  I am looking forward to grinding some homemade lemon pepper seasoning using this old-fashioned contraption now that our lemons are ready to harvest. I’m not going to show you a picture of the chili because I had to hide it to be sure it lasts until our Christmas dinner!

We are playing around with these recipes in order to prepare some dry mix packages for our customers here at Pfanny’s Farm. Stay tuned for more information! And…if you think you might be interested in joining our community by becoming a shareholder, we’d love to talk to you about all the benefits-including hot peppers! Check out our CSA Shareholder program here.

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That is a good way to avoid buyer’s remorse! 🙂

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